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Monday, July 23, 2012

HR 5864...and the info keeps a'comin'!

Bear with me folks, this is really an important piece of legislation I hope y'all will support by contacting your local Congressman/woman!

Last time I left off at Sec. 9. Sec. 10 is the Prevention of Wildlife Pathogens and Parasites. Imagine what would happen if a disease came into this country that decimated our wildlife? Oh wait, this is already happening from the accidental introduction of a fungus from Europe, and now biologists are racing to figure out how to protect our bats who are our number one natural night-time pest controllers (just google white-nose syndrome). Sec. 10 provides the USFWS clear legal authority in the prevention of importing pathogens or parasites that could impact our wildlife.

Next up is Sec. 11. Prohibitions. The importation and interstate commerce of live non-native animal species has to be done in compliance with this Act. However, it doesn't regulate intra-state movement (private possession, breeding, etc.) and leaves this power with the states. It also allows for exemptions, including for the interstate transportation of lawfully-owned private pets that are later regulated under this Act (assuming the interstate trnasportation is for non-commercial purposes). Phew, that one is a mouthful!

Still with me? I hope so!

Mexican long-tongued bat in Arizona

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