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Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost there....HR 5864

Alright so the next section covers the Relationship to State Law (Sec. 14). Under the injurious species section of the Lacey Act, regulation of intra-state activities is left with states. Stricter state laws are not preempted. And this section honors that while establishing a federal-state system that will facilitate better coordination.

Sec. 15 covers Penalties and Sanctions. The civil and criminal penalties for violations of this new Act follow those already established for the violations of the injurious species section of the Lacey Act.

In Sec. 16 (Injurious Wildlife Prevention Fund), a special injurious Wildlife Prevention Fund is created. This will hold revenues from user fees and fines collected via enforcement (under this Act) Three-fourths of this fund will be paid to USFWS in order to cover the costs of this Act. One-fourth will be awarded in the form of grants to state agencies to help in efforts to improve risk assessment and regulation for the live animal trade in their state.

Economics Fact: the total US cost resulting from invasive animals and diseases brought in by them is estimated to be up to $35 BILLION PER YEAR!!!

Let's protect our heritage! Tomorrow I will wrap up the break down of HR 5864.

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